Best Islamic Quotes 2023

The fast-paced world of modern times is a collection of worries, anxiety, alertness, distraction, and constant efforts. These emotions and continuous striving for the best can become overwhelming. Fortunately for Muslims, we have our religion to support us and motivate us in these dark times. Islam is a religion and a way of life.  

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islamic date today in pakistan

Islamic Date Today In Pakistan OR Hijri Date Today In Pakistan

Islamic Year, Month & Date Today How Many Months In Islamic Calendar? There are basically 12 months in Islamic Calendar. All these are listed below with details. 1. Al-Muḥarram 2. Ṣafar 3. Rabīʿ al-ʾAwwal 4. Rabīʿ ath-Thānī or Rabīʿ al-ʾĀkhir 5. Jumadā al-ʾŪlā 6. Jumādā ath-Thāniyah or Jumādā al-ʾĀkhirah 7. Rajab 8. Shaʿbān 9. Ramaḍān

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5 Pillars Of Islam

5 Pillars Of Islam

If you are a Muslim then you must know about the basic 5 pillars of Islam on which Islam stands. These 5 pillars of Islam are not only the pillars but also the complete way of life you can live with and will succeed in your life either it is temporary or a permanent (آخرت).

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Muhammad PBUH

Muhammad PBUH Naat By Sami Yusuf Muhammad PBUH Mp3 Download By Sami Yusuf. Muhammad PBUH is a heart-touching naat by Sami Yusuf. Listen Online This beautiful Mp3 Naat By the heart touching voice of Sami Yusuf. This Beautiful Naat Loves by the peoples. You can easily download this mp3 naat by clicking on the 3

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